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ATTENTION: Optimize Your Mental And Physical Health To The Next Level...

A Step by Step Course to Mastering

The Carnivore Diet


Optimizing your diet is the single most important lever to optimizing your performance. I’ve spent the last 3 years studying and experimenting with the Carnivore Diet to CONSISTENTLY experience incredible calm, clear, energized, focused optimized mental and physical state where elite performance is natural!

The Carnivore Diet Course

This course is designed to provide all the tools you need to understand and make the transition and master eating a high quality nose to tail Carnivore Diet. 

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never tried the Carnivore Diet or if you’re looking to take your carnivore diet from experimentation to mastery. This course is packed with information from all of my experiences in the past 3 years of completely transforming my life through this diet.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Module 1: Introduction

We’ll dive deep into my backstory of my health crisis, failed experimentation with every single diet, and how I was introduced to the Carnivore Diet through my friend Paul Saladino.

Module 2: The Carnivore Diet, What is it and Why?

In this section, we’ll take a journey back in time to truly understand what it means to optimize our health for ancestral alignment. We will learn about the biochemistry of foods and their effects on health and disease. With this knowledge, you’ll break through the misconceptions about conventional medicine and diet.

Module 3: Discovering your Why

Changing habits is extremely difficult. The majority of people fail because they are not driven deeply enough emotionally to make permanent change. In this section we will dive deep into the exact reasons WHY you want to master your health through the Carnivore Diet. Beyond that, we will identify the objections that could delay your results. Lastly, we will temper the challenge by building the right foundation for you to maximize your transformation through this course.

Module 4: Mastering the Emotions and Mindset of Eating

You’ll face the same enemies on the journey to mastery no matter if it’s career, finance, exercise, or diet. Everyone “knows” what to do, but why doesn’t everyone do it? 

In this section, we dive deep into identifying and mastering the feelings driving your deepest primal behaviors that control your subconscious behavior. You’ll learn a step by step guide on how to identify and overcome each of these enemies as you progress through your journey.

Module 5: The Road to a Nose to Tail Carnivore Diet

Any new plan is overwhelming when you don’t know where to start. In this module, I break down the 7 phases of your journey to a fully optimized Carnivore Diet:

Phase I: Starting Your Carnivore Diet
Phase II - Adding in Carnivore Meals and Animal Fat
Phase III: Pushing Through the Transition
Phase IV: Moving Full-On Carnivore
Phase V: Mastering Meal Prep and Feeding
Phase VI: Optimizing Key Tweaks
Phase VII: Supplementing Key Missing Nutrients

Module 6: Special Topics for Optimal Health

In this last section, I introduce the most advanced level of the Carnivore Diet. You’ll learn additional special topics such as:

  • Carnivore for Weight Loss

  • Re-Introduction

  • Carnivore for Mental Performance

  • Carbs for Super Powers

  • Structuring Optimal Energy and Day

  • Lab testing for the Carnivore Diet

  • And more to come!

Who Is This Course For

Anyone who is tired of living with any type of health issue and is tired of trying diets that leave you disappointed.

  • Anyone who has a desire to learn and master a Carnivore Diet Fast

  • Those who are interested in starting but not sure where or how to begin

  • Optimizing your diet to support mental, emotional, physical health

  • Maximizing longevity, cognitive performance and overall vitality

  • Learning why this diet works so well and how certain plant foods don’t

  • How and Why Carnivore will directly affect your ability to be your best

  • How exactly this delivers all the key micronutrients to be vibrant

  • Bonus Content: (Never Before Shared) Weight loss, re-introduction, and key supplements

Why I Had to Develop This Program

Every day, people reach out to me asking me how they can get optimized to accomplish more of what they truly want.


Crazy enough, when I share amongst other carnivores how profound an impact this lifestyle lever has made on my performance in life I get a flood of messages saying “Kurt, I’ve seen dramatic results…” “I used to deal with this and now I'm thriving…”


Conventional nutritional advice and beliefs have centered around a "balanced" diet being optimal and most empowering..


Sadly this is quite far from optimal and many of us are substantially below our baseline of where we want to be. And this misinformation is holding many of us back, even hurting some of us! 


When I took to this way of eating my entire life transformed.


You see, low energy, sliding health and brain, mind emotions, physique and overall performance declines are all common in today’s diet and lifestyles. The progression downhill is often slow and barely noticeable. It’s easy to go through your day and just accept it as status quo.


A recent study indicated that 63% of Americans are not where they want to be in their business, strength and health goals. Even worse, nearly 83% of Americans are dealing with some form of performance draining metabolic dysfunction.


Realize that your emotional, physical and cognitive performance is HIGHLY SUBJECTIVE.


With the constant bombardment of hectic connected busy lives, we owe it to ourselves to fuel our single greatest lever and foundation. To feed our bodies with an ancestrally aligned way of eating to power us to do all that we must every day.


Because people are so resourceful, we often go online to find information and motivation that we need to recover, increase body strength, increase endurance..  We look for the optimal diet out there based on what we can find..


In an effort to achieve optimal performance and the body we desire, we try different diets. We read about how "plant-based diets"  “TheWhole30 Challenge”, 'Paleo or Ketogenic Diets' have helped eliminate processed or toxic food from our diets. Depending on your level of health (largely diet & exercise based), eating habits and food choices, these may cause more harm than good.


Wouldn’t everyone experience fatigue and lack of vitamins if we didn’t consume a variety of plants? That is a common mindset with people who have grains, vegetables, and fruits as a staple part of their diets. Not too long ago, it was recommended to have 6-8 servings of grains per day as the baseline! Just because it was common perception, does not mean it is healthy, and this is something medical science and nutrition is learning more about every single day.


Seven in ten people have symptoms of digestive problems that affect their whole body.


That is 74 percent of ALL people in the United States. There is a large group of people that have shared or similar experiences of skin problems, fatigue and anxiety. Many also have poor concentration, are prediabetic, have high blood pressure, build up of allergies, forms of depression and/or are overweight.


So, I set out on A MISSION: To help as many people as possible, that experience these issues, find a path to restoring their body function back to what it was, BEFORE they had all those digestive-related issues.


First I wrote a book, but then I realized it wasn’t enough to write out and deeply research the science, I had to create a step by step video guide on how to actually do it.


And that’s when this course was born!


I reached out to my good friends and team and said, “We have to do this.

Who Is Kurt…

Kurt is a successful entrepreneur CEO that has been running his own profitable companies since 2014. His sales career has generated more than $35M in sales.


Before entering entrepreneurship he served as Zillow's East Coast Sales manager leading their first and highest producing sales team out of their first New York City office. Prior to Zillow he supported strategic brand partnerships in Microsoft's advertising division as a Technical Account Manager.


Kurt holds two degrees, one in biology and one in electrical engineering from the University of Washington. He has been an avid student of self development, most specifically in human health and optimization.


During his early entrepreneur years he experienced chronic stress, anxiety and then trauma. Through his recovery and building back, the Carnivore Diet has become an instrumental tool in allowing him to grow his teams and businesses over 300% in 2020.


Through his discovery of this diet and the lifestyle habits he's incorporated, he's been on a mission to help as many people as possible, through the books, content and Youtube videos he and his teams have created.

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