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The 1st Pillar of Physical Health combines with the other 2 Pillars to create the foundation of Optimal Alignment.  If you’ve ever been sick, you would need to stay at home from school or work and it’s very difficult to perform mentally or be productive.  Hence, people will often prescribe rest and focus on getting your health back as the first priority.  


Furthermore, a healthy optimized body will allow mental performance and productive optimization to thrive even further.  The 2 main aspects of enhancing physical health would be diet and exercise.  


On my journey to resolving a lot of my physical ailments such as gut & skin issues, I have turned from Keto to Carnivore (elimination diet) that has improved my energy, physical vitality and has combined that with consistent energy.


I have more education and resources available in case you want to take back your health and education and fast track your learning curve, so you don’t have to waste time experimenting like I had to do.  HERE

Physical Health Optimization

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