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Fact checked by Kurt Yazici

Relentlessly researching connections between nutritional biochemistry and chronic disease when he’s not in the ocean chasing the perfect wave.

When we cover the fundamentals of Physical Health and Mental Performance, it sets us up to achieve our calling in life.  To discover our purpose, set goals, and achieve them while aligning our values to execute.. would give us ultimate fulfillment.  


But it’s not enough to have clear goals and values since direction and strategy is key to seeing our dreams come to fruition.  There is the vision and then practical steps required to achieve and collaborate with a team.


All these tools and tactics do not come naturally to most, so organization is required with steady discipline and effort can give the greatest leverage for results.


When everything comes together in a healthy body, mind, with productivity… there are no limits to what we can do!  It all starts here with the resources I want to share with you here


Clear Goals

Clear Values



Time Management

Discipline, Habits

80/20 Focus

Money Making Activities

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Empowering Balance

Healthy Activities

Growth Hobbies

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