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An Ancestral RESET to Optimal Human Health

Everything You've Always Wanted To Know About the Carnivore Diet and It's Healing Impact on Skin, Weight LossGut Issues, and Mental Health.

(Especially if you've tried Keto or other trendy diets that left you disappointed)

Join us on the journey to achieving Optimal Alignment!

Free roadmap and guides for achievers looking to optimize physical health, mental performance and productive optimization.

THE CARNIVORE DIET | An Ancestral RESET to Optimal Human Health

My Brand New Book

What’s inside The Carnivore Diet Book:

 Learning Exactly What the Carnivore Diet Is

How Today’s Plant Superfoods are Actually Hurting You

Dispelling Conventional “Wisdom” Claiming Cholesterol As Toxic

Why Red Meat is the REAL Superfood (Trumping Prior Lies)

An Exact Week by Week 'Roadmap' You Can Follow

The Biggest Mistakes New Carnivores Make & My Biggest Mistakes

​Why and How Carnivore Treat Many of Today’s Most Prominent Auto-Immune Diseases

Why and How Carnivore Treat Many of Today’s Most Prominent Auto-Immune Diseases

Healing Anxiety, Addictions, Depression...

Healing Joint Pain, Fatigue, Skin, Gut issues and So Much More

Bonus Content: (Never Before Shared) Enhancing the Diet Around Light, Sleep and Environmental Stressors

Mental & Emotional Health

Suffering from anxiety, depression and losing my grandmother to schizophrenia, I realize it is critical to master this area of your life before you can accomplish your dreams. In today's world we're bombarded with constant stressful triggers. 


Fortunately this diet is showing real promise reducing body stressing inflammation and providing key brain critical nutrients to adequately produce key neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine. Not only alleviating potential disorders but also supporting optimal emotions and resilience to pursue your most intimidating, challenging goals.


Sustained Mental Energy

It's not enough to have our mental and emotional health, if we are to achieve all that we desire we must master our energy levels. This will feed not only our cognitive performance but our fitness goals and overall quality of life. 


You will learn exactly why and how this diet provides the body with the most powerful metabolic approach to powering your cellular mitochondria and energy production.


Strength & Fitness

When our bodies are leaner and strong we feel confident and healthier. Through mastering this diet you will have stronger more consistent energy and cellular molecules to help your body utilize energy. 


Adequate protein and creatine in optimal levels not only boost your levels of energy in cells but support optimal energy production when lifting and exercising. When you are able to generate higher levels of energy more easily and consistently you can lift more, exercise longer, growing more muscle and burning more fat.


Cognitive Performance

Perhaps the single biggest lever to achieving what you want in life is an optimized brain. Our ability to acquire knowledge, understand through thought, experience and sense what we are processing in our minds is critical.


When implementing the full on nose to tail approach taught in this diet, you will be fueling your brain with exceptionally brain health foods and optimize your ability to think and move toward your goals.

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