Create productive optimization & performance in your life's foundation & direction. Learn to master, hack and auto-pilot your physical health, mental performance and productivity optimization.

Achieve outstanding levels of performance and longevity as quickly and easily as possible by learning mastery in core pillars. Learn to implement the 80/20 of human ancestral alignment compounding the Three core pillars to build an outstanding life.


Optimize and align to save time, master, and treat the source of what's slowing you down and lowering your quality of experience and progress.

Join us on the journey to achieving Optimal Alignment!

Free roadmap and guides for achievers looking to optimize physical health, mental performance and productive optimization.

OptiAlign has transformed my life! When I met first met Kurt and was introduced to OptiAlign I was burning the candle at both ends. Anxiety and stress were a major part of my days. As a CEO of 200M company I believed the only way I could move forward was to work myself into dust. Since working through his products I've built the tools and coaching to transform. My anxiety, stress, and productivity have soared. I feel I'm optimizing what matters most and taking back control of my health and peak performance. 

Chris Ripley, CEO

CEO, SmarterSorting - smartersorting.com


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